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Our ultimate target is to cover all the steps from placing an order to having the package delivered to your door, while saving as much as possible.


If you don't have enough time to place an order in online shop and choose the time convenient for delivery yourself - these guys will save your time and do that for you! They helped me to place an order and delivered it in perfect condition and nicely packaged exactly by the time I returned home from abroad. Leslie M. Hutchinson. Customer
I am a shopaholic and I love clothes and shoes! What I don't like at all is communicating with delivery services and customer support. Since I started to use PRATT UNIT services, I have been enjoying my orders without wasting my time on things I've mentioned above, because they do that for me. I know I can trust the company and rely on them - I always get my orders promptly and they are perfectly packed. Alan N. Delaney Customer
When I placed an order with PRATT UNIT for the first time, some problem with a payment occured and I was unable complete the transaction. I was so much surprised when Customer support replied to me within 10 minutes and helped me to solve the problem, that since then, I've become their loyal customer. Thank you guys, you're the best! Rick A. Robles Customer

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