Personal address in the USA

Right after signing up, you will receive a shipping address in the USA that you can use to send and receive orders from American online retailers. This free service allows our customers to purchase from stores that do not offer shipping outside of the US.

Parcel reception, processing and storage at the warehouse

We offer a number of warehouse services free of charge:

  • Consolidation of different orders into one parcel
  • Seller invoice removal
  • Parcel shipping from our warehouse
  • Original packaging removal

Received package photos

We take 2 photos of each incoming package free of charge. This service is automatically available to all PRATT UNIT members and is provided every time when we receive a package at our warehouses.

For an additional fee of $5 you can order 10 more photos. If you order photos in advance, before the package is delivered to the warehouse, the service fee is only $2.50.

Package content inspection

Our team can inspect incoming parcels and ensure that all declared contents are enclosed for a service fee of $10. If you would like the contents of your package inspected, please contact our Support Team.

Package shipping and tracking

The last step - shipping your outgoing parcel via the method of your choice. We will provide you with a tracking number.

Can I send heavy cargo to my PRATT UNIT address?

We only process parcels that weigh up to 50lbs including packaging.

I’m shopping online. Where can I find my PRATT UNIT shipping address?

Sign into your PRATT UNIT account. In your Profile you can see your personal shipping address in the USA. Please, make sure you provide your exact US address to the seller or online store when you place your order.

What are incoming and outgoing packages?

An incoming package is a parcel that was sent by the seller to your address in the USA (one of our warehouse). The parcel may contain multiple items.

An outgoing package is a parcel that was sent from our warehouse to the recipient. Several incoming packages can be consolidated into one outgoing package.

Do I have to notify you about incoming packages?

If you notify us about a package that has already been sent to our warehouse by the seller, its identification will be even faster and easier. To add an incoming parcel, you can go to your Profile and cilck the "Add incoming parcel" button.

How to create an outgoing parcel?

Go to your Profile and select the "Parcels" tab. There you can see your incoming packages sorted by "Expected parcels"and "In stock". Pick a package that you would like to send from the "In Stock" list and press "Create a parcel". A new window with shipping options will open.

How are my parcels identified and processed at the warehouse?

If the package was added to the "Expected parcels" list and you provided us with its tracking number, the package will show up in your Profile - "In Stock" section upon arrival. If the tracking number was not provided, your parcel will be identified using your Suite number.

Upon delivery to the warehouse, 2 photos of your parcel will be provided right away.

My expected parcel did not arrive. What happened? What should I do?

Expected parcels may not arrive for a number of reasons: shipping problems on the seller’s end, local delivery delays, or identification issues at our warehouse.

In order to determine the reason for the delay, you should first contact the seller or online retailer with the postal tracking number provided to you with when your package was sent. The seller can then contact the shipping service regarding your parcel. Please make sure to provide the correct name and address, as a wrong name or the USA address can lead to identification problems once the parcel is delivered to us. Please contact our Support Team to determine whether that is the case.

What is consolidation?

Packing multiple incoming packages into one outgoing parcel - a service that PRATT UNIT offers free of charge to help you to save money on shipping fees.

How can I consolidate multiple incoming packages into one outgoing parcel?

Clicking "Create a parcel" allows you to pick several packages from the "In Stock" list and combine them into one outgoing parcel free of charge.

I don’t have a tracking number for my incoming package. Where can I get it?

Sellers and online stores usually provide you with a tracking number for your order at the time of purchase, as long as the shipping method allows for one. In most cases, you can also look the tracking number up in your profile on the website where you placed your order.

How long can I store my parcel at the warehouse for?

You can store your parcels at the warehouse for as long as you want free of charge.

I want to return my order to the store. How can I do that?

If the return policy allows free returns, the seller will provide you with a pre-paid return shipping label. All you have to do is send this label to us and we will use it to return the order to the seller.

If the return policy requires the buyer to pay for the return, you can add the seller’s address to your Address Book and use it to create an outgoing parcel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team via your Profile.

Can you remove the seller’s invoice from my outgoing parcel?

We always remove invoices as part of the final stage of packing the outgoing parcel.

Do I have to fill out a customs declaration?

All international parcels must have a customs declaration. You can fill it out and our specialists will check it for errors free of charge.

What is auto-shipping?

Auto-shipping is a feature within your profile that allows you to plan ahead and consolidate several packages into a single parcel prior to their arrival at our warehouse.

Two or more incoming packages can be consolidated. This allows you to save on shipping: as the weight of a single package increases, the price-per-kilo decreases.

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